[Japanese calendar & history] Reason why a Yin Yang fortune-teller is concerned with deeply for the history of the calendar

It is the important existence that I do not cut even if I cut the calendar for our life. Such a calendar is born in ...
God of marriage

historical mystery of Ikuta Shrine in Hyogo pre.ー生田神社ー

The woods,called Ikuta no Mori ,stands quietly in the depths of Ikuta Shrine. Protected by the camphor tree, which i...
God of the Moon

Gassan Shrine in Yamagata prefecture,God of Moon,Human Life&Deathー月山神社ー

Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto is God responsible for the monthOne of the shrines to worship is Gassan Shrine in Yamagata Prefectu...
God of marriage

Ikuta Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture,God of marriageー生田神社ー

Ikuta Srine,in Hyogo pre,is very fomous for the god of the marriage.
tales of Moon

Mid-autumn moonー中秋の明月ー

The moon in mid-autumn is 15 nights. It is misunderstood that it is the day when you look at the full moon and chew on the moon dumplings, but the harvest moon is not always the full moon. Nor is it the moon of the 15th night = mid-autumn. Let's take a look at the harvest moon that seems to be known but not known, and the Japanese feelings toward the god that dwells in all things.
Terms of Srine

What is Shikinaisha(式内社)? [Simple explanation of shrine terms]

"Shikinai-sha" is sometimes seen in the notation related to shrines. Those who collect red stamps will see the nota...
Terms of Srine

What is Shugendo(修験道)? [Terms of shrines and Shinto terms]

The word Shugendo is probably associated with the Yamabushi and Tengu that appear in historical dramas. Shugendo is ...
Terms of Srine

What is Shinbutsu Shugo(神仏習合)? [Terms of shrines and Shinto]

Shinto Buddhism is a new cultural form created by fusing ancient Japanese Shinto and Buddhism from overseas. Why did God and Buddha merge? We approach the mystery.
Terms of Srine

What isKanpeisya /Kokuheisya(官弊社・国弊社) ?

Nowadays, it is used as the former official company /Kokuheisya company, but you may have seen it as an introduction to...